You Can Enjoy God

I will never forget the first time that I attended a meeting with the believers in the local church. One of the brothers came to me after the meeting and fellowshipped with me that God wants us to enjoy Him. I had never been told that I could enjoy God.

I grew up in Catholicism and was a very devout Catholic. I went to mass every Sunday and I attended parochial school, I was an altar boy and even became a deacon in the Catholic church. Even with all of this, my aunt would always say to me, “You will never be happy until you receive the Lord.” I never understood her words until one day I opened up from the depths of my being and invited the Lord to come and live inside of me. From then on, I loved the Lord and I had a yearning in my heart to cooperate with the Lord in what He was doing on the earth today.

Almost 23 years ago, I attended my first meeting of the local church. I heard at that meeting that I not only could enjoy the Lord, but that the God of the universe has an eternal purpose and each and every Christian on the face of the earth can be part of it. God desires to have a group of people on the earth that love Him and enjoy Him daily and who desire to express Him corporately as His Church today and eternally as the New Jerusalem.

I can testify that I have been enjoying the Lord and growing in Him daily for the past 23 years and, by His mercy, I will continue to cooperate with Him for the rest of my life. I can also testify that the truths that are revealed in God’s Word have been given to me in a genuine and Spirit-filled way.


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