Home in the Church

My experience of beginning to meet with the local church in Middleborough, MA was not one of a person “going to church”, but rather that of the church coming to me! Let me explain.

My husband and I were introduced to the ministries of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee through a brother in the Lord who met with the local church in Newton, MA. In Newton we enjoyed the rich teachings in the Word of God, so we traveled the hour that it took to get there. However, because of health issues and time constraints, our ability to travel to the fellowship became limited. This afforded the Lord the chance to show me His love through His believers in that local church.

Every Friday night, for several years, 8 to 12 brothers and sisters would travel from the Boston area, after a long work week for most, to meet with us in our home. These acts of unselfish love toward us helped me to appreciate the fact that here was a group of people living out the reality of their faith, not practicing religious duty. If I could not get to the church meetings, then the church would come and minister to me. I was very touched by this sacrifice of their time and love.

Now, some 15 years later, there are believers meeting in the local church in Middleborough, MA. I now have the privilege of fellowshipping with those who are willing to meet in the oneness of the Lord’s life that we share as born again believers. The ministry of Witness Lee has made it possible for me to apprehend and appreciate all I have gained in Christ and can now enjoy with my church family, “at home”, here in Middleborough.


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